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M.T. Reti

Sustainable packaging specialist

Since 1999, producers of packaging for Citrus, Fruit and Vegetables

Innovation continues in the Packaging sector

From the Polyethylene Net to the production of new sustainable products for the environment, the development is realized with the creation of a new Biodegradable and Compostable product. The Cellulose botanical net allows you to keep the same format by reducing the environmental impact, from the origin of natural raw materials to recycling and waste disposal.
agrumi in rete hdpe
M.T. RETI was founded in 1999 and for over 20 years it has been considered one of the most requested companies in the packaging market for Citrus, Fruits & Vegetables. In order to scale in the textile industry, the founding members, who have gained experience in the area since the ’80s, have proposed different packaging solutions and they have grown to fulfill all customers’ needs. At the beginning the company was focused mainly on the production of Polyethylene tubular nets, the traditional ones used for the automatic packaging and clipping machines and required by the main chains of the large-scale retail market.
Over the years, the Fruit and Vegetable industry has witnessed huge evolutions which have changed the concept of packaging and has led companies to focus on manufacturing a new item through which they could spread to customers the quality and safety of the products. Up with the times, M.T. RETI has started to introduce a new environmental focus to its production by investing in a new type of items which are entirely Biodegradable and compostable. In order to offer to its customers an alternative to plastic packaging, which is harmful to the environment, the production of recyclable nets is now at the centre of the company’s day to day operations.
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M.T. RETI is active as supplier in the market of Citrus, Fruits & Vegetables which are grown and packaged in Sicily, the region which boasts the leadership of the Citrus industry in Italy. Furthermore, the company is also in demand outside the national markets and it exports its products also to Europe, such as Austria, Germany and Spain.

The excellent reviews on the product technical quality and the commercial service have led the company to be one of the main suppliers of Fruit & Vegetables packers.

The combination of experience and commitment to its customers are mainly driven by personal convictions and the continuous need to establish new standards in terms of quality.


We aim to support our work, the excellent relationship with customers is our main goal.

throughout Europe

We provide all our customers with quality products and a delivery service to any European destination.

Made in Europe

The entire production process takes place within the EU, from the supply of raw materials to the final product.


Via del Commercio, sn
90011 Bagheria (PA) – Italy


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Telephone: (+39) 091-961315